Oduppurai Festival

ஒடுப்புறை நாகரம்மன் கோவில் நீரும் பாலும் நேய்வேதிய விழா

Legend behind the Festival

2008 Kozhukkattai Festival


Oduppurai Kozhukkattai Preparation Method

Given below is the details on how to make the Kozhukkattai.

Tamil Version all pages (Low Quality PDF – 400KB)
Tamil Version all pages (High Quality PDF – 1MB)
Malayalam Version (PDF – 548KB)

Kozhukkatai Ingredients (for one)

  1. Chamba Raw Rice – 750 gram
  2. Nayam Kottayam Sharkarai (Jaggery) – 450 gram
  3. Coconut (medium size) – 1 no
  4. Cardamom (Yelam/Elaichi) – 10 gram
  5. Dried Ginger (Chukku) – 10 gram
  6. Matti Banana (ripe) – 1 no
  7. Banana Leave (good quality with tip on) – 1 no
  8. Coconut young leaves (kurutholai) – 11 nos per leaf (2 nos)
  9. Jute string (Kaithai Naar) – 11 nos
  10. Coconut husk (Kadambal) – 5 nos
  11. Nagathakadu (5′ x 1′) – 1 no
  12. Flat Spoon with long handle (Chattukam) – 1 no
  13. Muram (for fanning fire and keeping kozhukkattai) – 1 no

Procedure to prepare the ingredients

  1. Soak the raw rice. Powder it (like for puttu) and dry in outdoor (no direct sunlight). 750 gm raw rice will yield rice powder of 1/2 Pakka (1 Nazhi).
  2. Break the Jaggery (Sharkarai) into fine powder and keep it aside.
  3. Scrap the coconut small and keep it aside. It is important that the coconut is of good quality (not raw or fully mature).
  4. Powder cardamom and dry ginger and keep it aside.
  5. Remove the matti banana covers and keep it ready.Kozhukkattai Cover
  6. Clean the banana leaf carefully and keep it aside.
  7. Soak the jute (kaithai) string to make it easier to tie the kozhukkattai. You will need (3+4+4) 11 nos of string for one kozhukkattai.
  8. Remove the stem of the coconut leaves (eerkil) without damaging the leaves (11+11)
  9. Make small pieces of eerkil (coconut leave stems) for stitching the coconut leaves. You can also use palm horns (panai mullu)
  10. Stitch the coconut leaves (kurutholai) prepared in steps above into a mat for packing the kozhukkattai. Make sure the the dimensions are matching.

Procedure to prepare kozhukkattai

Mix the jaggery powder (sharkarai), matti banana, scrapped coconut, cardamom powder and dry ginger powder well with hand and make it into a paste. Add dried rice powder to this (little by little) and mix well. Make the paste in the shape of brick (chenkal). Do not add water for mixing.

Keep the prepared brick sized kozhukkattai on the banana leaf. Cover it completely with the leaf and tie it using jute string. You should make two rounds breadth wise and one round length wise with the jute string (3 strings used).

Keep the kozhukkattai (now covered with banana leaf) in to the mat made with coconut leaves and cover it completely. Tie this well with jute strings. You should make three rounds breadth wise and one round length wise. Bend the coconut leave ends as required (4 strings used).

Keep the kozhukkattai (now covered with banana leaf and coconut leaf mat) into the other mat made with coconut leaves and cover it completely. Tie this tight and well with jute strings. You should make three rounds breadth wise and one round length wise (4 strings used).

Once all kozhukkattais are prepared bring them to the kozhukkattai baking area in Oduppurai Nagaramman temple.

Procedure to bake kozhukkattai

Make a pit with width of 1 feet and length of 5 feet and depth of 3 inch (angulam). Fill the pit with half of the cocunut husk and burn it. Use the muram to help make the fire (kanal).

Once the hust has burned (kanal), keep the covered kozhukkattai(s) on the fire (kanal) leaving one brick gap between kozhukkattais. Keep the remaining husk on top of the kozhukkattai(s) and bake well.

Once the outer mat burns and breaks, turn the kozhukkattais around. When the inner coconut leaf mat also burns and the banana leaf is visible, remove the kozhukkattais out of the fire.

Keep the nagathakudu (bronze plate) into the fire and wait till the plate turns red hot. Keep the kozhukkattais on the plate and bake well. Turn around carefully if required. Make sure the kozhukkattai only bakes but do not burns. Check if the kozhukkattai has baked well by tapping with hand.

Keep the baked kozhukkattai aside to cool. Once the heat reduces, take it to Nagaramman Sannidhi for nivedyam (offering).

How many Kozhukkattai do I have for my family?

Our forefathers have told about the count of kozhukkattais for every family.

A family is husband, wife and children. For eg: a family with 5 children would need to make 7 kozhukkattais. If the girl child is married, still the parents have to make kozhukkattai for them and give it to them.

You can make additional kozhukkattais above the count required for your family for giving to friends and others. A family without parents, need to make kozhukkattai for married sisters and give it to them.

This is as followed by our forefathers.

Photos related to Kozhukkattai Preparation


Kaithai Root

Kaithai Naar

Kaithai Naar (String)



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